The BB Bag is a monthly subscription bag that features 6-8 full-sized Asian beauty products each month. These products can be beauty, makeup, skincare, or lifestyle products such as tools. This bag is features products that customers can then purchase on the main retail site ( These products are all Asian, and this subscription is unique because it allows customers to get full-size instead of sample, and gives customers a taste for what Beauteque and Asian beauty has to offer that they might not be able to buy anywhere outside of Asia! The value of the bag can range from $65-$85 a month, but the pricing for each bag is as follows:
1 month: $24 + shipping
3 months: $24 + shipping
6 months: $23 + shipping
12 months: $22 + shipping
Shipping rates vary by country as followed:
US- 3.95
Canada- 6.95
Europe- 8.95
Australia- 9.95
New Zealand- 9.95
Japan- 9.95
Hong Kong- 9.95
Singapore- 9.95